Thursday, 28 February 2008

The other real estate agent...

Two real estate companies were promoting our house. The second company's photographs weren't nearly as enticing. Though they were a bit more realistic, they certainly didn't show the place as it was when we actually saw it - rammed to the rafters with stuff.

At least their copy was a tad more honest, pitching the place as a "two bedroom house with a study". The third bedroom is small though it does fit a double bed. This is going to be irrelevant soon - it's on the ground floor which will be mostly gutted anyway. There's a new thing in the UK which requires sellers to get a HIP (or Home Information Pack) and I think two bedroom houses were exempt in the first wave, so that could be another reason why it wasn't called a three bedder. No matter.

I'm not a fan of these stair banisters. In fact, I really don't get "period" properties. We certainly wouldn't have paid a premium for ye olde features beloved of people on Location, Location, Location as we most certainly would've ripped them out to make the property as streamlined and contemporary as possible. Victorian picture rails? Bah! Georgian fireplaces? Chuck 'em in the skip!

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