Thursday, 28 February 2008

The garden, circa 2004?

One of the reasons we decided to look for another property was hubby's insistance that life would be better if we had a garden. Our flat has a balcony which is perfect for a large Weber BBQ and can fit 3 friends comfortably, or 5 at a squash, but we became paranoid about the BBQ smoke billowing into our neighbour's homes and last summer I think we could count the number of times we sparked up the Weber on one hand. (It was also a very wet summer, but the balcony is under cover).

The new house has a 57 foot garden, shown here in a very tidy condition with flat paving stones and plants in cute terracotta pots. Neither hubby nor I are into gardening - the last time we had a (tiny) lawn we paid a fella to come round and mow it.

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