Monday, 25 February 2008

We have the keys

Well it's all getting pretty real. We had the offer accepted on October 30th, and exchanged contracts on December 21st. Then the keys were released after completion on February 11th. I got a bus to the real estate agent who kindly handed over a box of keys without even asking for ID - I could've been anyone!

We had four days to wander round inside the now empty and clean shell of our new house, but after a brief meeting with Anthony the architect we went to Florida for a week.

The thought of shelling out for two mortgages for the next few months is beyond scary. And each week that passes I find out that something else has to be done which takes time. The latest is a party wall survey and contract, so that we can do our extension legally, without upsetting our lovely neighbours. The time period is anything up to a month and the quotes ranged from £200 + VAT to over £1,000. I've just emailed the neighbours to see if they could recommend the company who would've done their party wall contract.

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