Thursday, 28 February 2008

The current upstairs bathroom

We looked for over a year before we found this place. We were a bit spoilt living in an ex local authority flat because the room dimensions in a"modern" property are so much more generous than in a mock Georgian (our new place was built in the 1980s to look like something from more than 200 years ago, unfortunately the narrow proportions of the old style make me feel a tad claustrophobic).

This is the main bathroom which feels about half the size of the bathroom in our flat. There's no natural light either so we'll have to vault the ceiling and put in a skylight or Velux or something. I'm not enamoured by anything in this bathroom so it's going to get a total overhaul.

When we initially talked to the architect about what would happen if funds were running low I suggested doing the bathroom at a later date, and he said it was just as cheap and convenient to do it while the rest of the house was being done. Correct answer. Didn't fancy living in a newly refurbed house with it's manky old bathroom still in tact. As it happens we now have big plans for this little room.

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kaybar007 said...

OMG. Two and a half years on and we're still living with this exact same bathroom.