Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Being held to ransom?

Five weeks ago we paid Sunfold the last instalment minus £400. This sum was to cover the cost of getting the builder back for one and a half days plus a half day's compensation for the over-run in installation. Not only were the installers inefficient and work-shy, but Sunfold had forgotten to drill the right holes, so the framework had to go back to Norfolk for the weekend. As previously posted about, our architect agreed that all of these holdups were Sunfold's problem, we had been greatly inconvenienced (not only the cost, but it was freezing in those weeks before Christmas) and that £400 was a very reasonable amount to withhold.

I've contacted Sunfold twice to ask for a reaction to our the architect's letter, and despite presenting our cheque they have yet to respond. Yesterday I wrote to ask when we were getting our keys, and this morning they replied: "Our accounts department will send your keys once full and final payment has been made and cleared, which as I understand there is still £400.00 outstanding".

I'm sure there's a better word than 'blackmail' for this situation but I can't think what it is.