Sunday, 11 January 2009

Fixing things up

I only got around to phoning the carpet installers on Friday, but the very next morning they were back to fix the rogue bit of carpet that had lifted off the stairs. Result. Also this week we'd been on the phone to the Tap Centre - my beloved tap was completely broken. It turns out the plumber or builder had a bit of a job getting the tap to sit flush on the concrete counter top and had performed some kind of alteration. This meant the tap wouldn't sit tight and wobbled from side-to-side.

When we asked for it to be adjusted so that it was more snug, the bottom bit sheared completely off, which meant the tap leaked and couldn't be anchored in place. The Tap Centre couriered a replacement part the next day, but it was for a different tap. They then sent the correct bit the next day, and Teia came round to re-fit it. In all we were without a kitchen tap for four days, and now it sits perfectly snugly. However the counter weight that pulls the nozzle into place isn't in the right place so it doesn't retract completely. I'm sure Rob will play around with it and sort it out...

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