Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Sable carpet and big tiles

Our last house was all about olive green. We had dark sage coloured carpet, green and white bedroom furniture and a retro 50s telephone in dark olive from SCP. It was an a happy accident and a colour we loved living with for six years. This time round, we seem to have shifted to an even darker colour palette. The carpet, as previously mentioned, is a browny grey which carpet manufacturers like to call sable. Our friends in Holland had recently put in an en suite to one of the guest bedrooms and the tiles were enormous Italian slate, in dark brown. Rob was smitten with them and we decided that if we ever get around to doing our top floor bathroom that the large tiles will do the trick nicely. This is a complete 180 on our original plan to have tiny mosaic tiles. I'm not sure if I want brown bathroom tiles as I suspect the colour will date, but they come in anthracite (dark grey) so we'll have to track some down to compare.

Unfortunately we'll have to get the carpet installers back as one of the steps hasn't adhered properly.

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