Wednesday, 28 January 2009

No keys, no response...

Still nothing from Sunfold. It's now been six long weeks since the installation. While the installers were here I emailed to complain about their slackness, and the following day I rang and spoke to the staffer who was co-ordinating the process. Both times I made it clear that if they didn't get their act together we would deduct our builder's additional costs from the amount we owed them. They had the opportunity then to motivate their installation staff and avoid having to get our builder back. They could've also taken the opportunity to reassure us. The staffer I talked to admitted they'd had similar complaints from other customers.

After the installation I sent a letter from our architect outlining why we were with-holding £400, and sent two follow up emails asking for a response. Last week I sent a letter by post again asking for a response, and a version by email so they couldn't argue they didn't receive it. On Friday I finally got a message back saying that they had received my letter, and the head of installation would get back to me as soon as he could. It's now Wednesday and I've just emailed again as guess what? No-one's been in touch.

I find it unbelievable that despite contacting them 7+ times they can't get it together to do some damage control. In this day and age you'd think the public relations part of this company would wake up and see that at least acknowledging the issues (terrible service, slack staff etc) and apologising for this might make the customer marginally more happy. As it happens, I now think that withholding £400 was not enough and for the amount of stress this has caused we should've withheld a lot more!

I posted about what to do on the Livingetc Forums and got some good advice. One suggestion was to pay the £400 under duress then advise them we'd go to the Small Claims court to retrieve £1,000 for the true cost of the inconvenience/suffering/stress. Rob and Anthony-the-architect said that this was a slow and painful process and to try and get them to respond first.

I can happily recommend Sunfold System's product, but the customer service and conflict resolution side of the business is so poor that I would advise you to use another company.

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