Friday, 16 January 2009

Two months of habitation

We moved into the house eight weeks ago exactly. Ignoring the snagging which is still to happen, plus the deck and storage/display cabinet, the bulk of the work for phase one has been done. And what do I love about our new house? Well, firstly it's a total luxury being able to drive right up to the front door and have a park. At our old place you could drive around the block and still have to park in someone else's reserved space and hope that you got to move the car before a warden arrived. On a similar note, I love being able to ride my bike to the garage which now has a bike rack inside. Sure beats carrying it up four flights of stairs, then leaving it on the balcony exposed to the elements.

The house is full of natural light, and I'm thrilled to bits with design details such as recessing the radiator. I wish we'd done it with the radiator on the opposite wall too. Oh well. It's a great space for entertaining - we had friends stay over and the kids played on the top two floors and we couldn't hear a thing. An added bonus was that we watched the full moon rise in the east over our garden wall, and as it rose throughout the evening we could see it through our glass roof like a bright torch shining down on us.

Anything we'd change? Well, I think I would've liked underfloor heating still (does anyone have this with a wooden floor?) and yes, a Corian counter top. The concrete has hairline cracks appearing, which I think it supposed to be part of its appeal but I prefer a solid finish.

We're still assembling flat pack furniture so I'll post some more photos once it's sorted...

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Georgie said...

It's looking great - glad you're getting to enjoy it at last! V envious of OSP; parking is a nightmare for us too.

We have underfloor heating with a wooden floor and it's the one thing I will now have to do to any house I ever live in again. It's fantastic - no-one else I know has it and I always find their floors disappointingly chilly however warm the room is!