Monday, 5 January 2009

Chilly in London

We just got back from a week in Holland where we celebrated the New Year with some crazy Dutch people. They live in a massive house (six toilets, possibly more) and have underfloor heating in the rooms that have tiles underfoot, and some of the bathrooms. It gets freezing cold in Holland yet their house was always toasty and comfortable. It was a bit of a shock getting back to our house and finding that even with the thermostat turned up to the high 20s it was still a bit chilly. On the plus side, the downstairs walls have been painted white and the room is almost finished. There's still some areas to 'make good' and some snagging eg some of the plaster is cracking already, but it's time to start shopping for some new dining room furniture...

Our neighbours were curious as to the wooden stumps in our garden and so were some visiting friends... they're for the wooden deck, which is going in soon, we hope.

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