Friday, 14 November 2008

Delivery woes

A week ago I popped round to meet the delivery truck that was going to drop off our new sofa. When I pulled up the entrance of our driveway was a little crowded with a couple of diggers and what not, and a massive hole was being dug. How this transpired on the exact day that the delivery was due to happen is a mystery to me - there was no notification to residents (or if there was, I definitely didn't receive it).

Fortunately, I got a park in the street and was able to flag down the truck and explain the conundrum. The driver and his off-sider were surprisingly cool about it. The lovely blokes digging the hole offered to help bring the sofa to the house, but in the end the sofa team were able to wheel it up on a special trolley.

Things were going well until they tried to get the sofa upstairs. It was too long, even in two pieces. The only way we can get a sofa into our middle floor is to take a window out and hoist it up. The windows don't look that big to me so for now, the sofa is in the "store" room along with the mountains of other items we can't deal with yet and I guess we'll have to get out a tape measure soon and sort it out...


GeePee said...

if you just built a new 64 piece sofa for your old place and this was a newbie, what happened to the old one? GP

kaybar007 said...

We brought it to the new house as we'll have two living areas, so we need two sofas... at the moment both are in the "family room" and it looks a bit like a hotel lobby!