Monday, 17 November 2008

Packing up

I'm taking a break from packing to share with you a photo from the weekend. I had a minor (internal) wobble when I thought about how much work was involved with cleaning up the property in anticipation of our arrival. I'd spent £30 on cleaning paraphernalia and dropped it over at the house, but when I looked around I realised it was in a serious state. A layer of plaster dust was covering every nook and cranny and the floors were thick with it. At the time of my visit, Rob was still in Ireland watching the rugby so he couldn't share my angst.

When I popped over again on Sunday to check the phone had been activated, Teia was already there hard at work. He asked if it was OK to use the cleaning gear I'd dropped off as he was planning on cleaning the place up this week, in between the other jobs he was sorting out. I swear he wears a halo at a jaunty angle!

If the house is in any kind of habitable state by Friday I'll be gobsmacked. Of course, I'll let you know. Back to packing. I've filled 22 boxes, Rob has filled 3. Game on...

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

Good luck, make sure the first box you unpack when you get in there has a bottle of something alcoholic, plus the kettle and a takeaway menu on the top!

Tela sounds like an absolute angel! All builders should be made that way.