Sunday, 2 November 2008

Spare room

Here's the view looking from the living room down towards the spare room/office. The plasterers have done a terrific job and the finish looks as smooth as a smooth thing. The bamboo flooring has been laid on this part of the house, though you can't see it due to the protective covering. Teia put beading down this week - it was the budget fix as ideally we'd have shadow drop (?) solution around door frames and at the bottom of the walls, instead of architraves and skirting boards, but hey ho, the timing/budget didn't work out.

The builders have left to start another job and the electrician is en route back to New Zealand. Despite this Teia was round at the property again this weekend (I feel terrible - he's got a young child who must hardly ever see him). We're moving in there in three weeks so there are a few things to finish before it's habitable. I've never heard of a builder being so conscientious!

Fortunately we've found tenants for our flat and we should know in a few days if they pass all their credit checks and references. The race is on to sort out the flat now, as well as getting the new house ready for the big move...

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