Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The family room

You know you get to a certain stage in life when you refer to the second living space as a 'family room'. In truth, it's going to house a rather large flat screen LCD TV so we can watch movies and play the Wii in a dedicated space. I'm calling it a family room as I guess most of the kid's debris will also live here. After spending many panicked evenings trying to hide all their stuff the night before our cleaner comes it would be a bonus to have a dedicated dumping ground, away from where we eat and socialise. This is the family room with the bamboo flooring laid. Teia has already fitted the beading - we didn't want to go down the skirting board route and this was about as minimal as we could get on our meagre budget. If I could do this project again with more money, shadow drop hidden architraving would be my preferred solution. You live, you learn... and actually, beading is probably something that no-one will actually notice.

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