Monday, 22 September 2008

Kitchen tap

Five weeks in and I reckon the build probably has another eight weeks to go (not counting the glass which is being manufactured in Germany). Not bad really. At least the end is finally in sight. We've started shopping for various items and it's a combination of frustration (I wish we had another £10,000 to spend on everything!) and fun (oooh, maybe we should go a bit silly on the uplighters, most of them are hideous…).

First purchase was a tap and I have to give a shout out to Tony Morton from The Tap Centre. We emailed back and forth a dozen times because the Burgess II tap we originally wanted was out of stock. Then I thought it was back in stock... but it wasn't... so I had to get clarification on the replacement product several times over. Rob is a stickler for detail and it's not enough for him to know that there's two tap settings, he wants to know where the button is to active it, and what kind of spray settings they are… Anyway, a couple of weeks of going back and forth and I took possession of our new Burgess spray tap (pictured) last week after being couriered overnight. It's actually ten times better than we expected - it came in it's own dust bag, is extraordinarily heavy and much bigger than we thought it would be. The components feel pretty solid and despite having a chrome plated plastic spray attachment, the whole thing looks expensive. It cost £89.95 (RRP £160) and we're pretty chuffed. Can't wait to see it in the kitchen in a few weeks.

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