Friday, 14 March 2008

Action Stations has a nifty "taste finder" tool which helps articulate what it is that you're into. It's called What's your style? and takes about five minutes to do - simply click on the images that appeal to you (NB the grey squares are not colour swatches, they mean "nothing from this selection").

I guess it's no surprise that my taste came out thus:

"You are Family Mix.

You've got a great sense of style and it's one that you manage to combine with the more practical needs of a family, mixing items that are relatively disposable with other pieces that may become the 'antiques of tomorrow'. The retro look is fun and appealing; what's more it can now be achieved on almost any budget."

Which is a relief, as our budget seems to be evaporating daily. Just the list of sanitaryware items for the bathroom sucked up the entire bathroom budget and this is before we'd costed out a plumber, tiler, or soil pipes and actual tiles. Hubby was horrified when I suggest we try and tighten our belts for the foreseeable future a bit more "What? And not go out?!" he spat "And how much will that save? A few hundred quid? We need to save thousands!" I must admit it was like our brains had been swapped as he's usually the one to suggest belt tightening while I break into a cold sweat.

Oh dear, I just did the test again and changed my answers (some of my choices were a bit rushed before) and came out as "Action Stations" (see photo above).

"For a family home your style is surprisingly masculine. Perhap's it's due to the gadgets you own, though more likely to do with the choices you make when it comes to the colour and functionality of design. Chances are, perhaps, that your busy lifestyle adds an element of unavoidable chaos to an otherwise orderly and disciplined aesthetic."

This is true actually, our current flat is pretty masculine and minimalist, well, it would be if we didn't have kids stuff strewn everywhere...

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