Thursday, 6 March 2008

Ground floor kitchen


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This is along the right lines for our extension, ie: the kitchen leads into a living area which is separated from the outside world by glass. This image shows black folding doors which are similar to what we've chosen (well, they're black, and they fold...)

Our room will be long and quite narrow, so it needs to have good light and the right colour scheme inside to make it seem wider. The bamboo flooring samples arrived today, and the finish actually looks quite good. The price is great too, coming in at about a third the cost of engineered wood. I originally wanted poured rubber or highly polished concrete but if we spend the money here there won't get any left over to pay for anything else.

Hubby's not too keen on having wood in the kitchen again (hastily cleaned up spills always show up and it scratches easily) but having the same flooring throughout will help the space seem bigger. Plus it's more cost effective when you buy more of something. Anyway, I think bamboo will be a good compromise as it's really hard wearing, apparently it's even good in bathrooms.

I've just taken a Le Creuset cassorole pot out of the oven and it really peeved me to have to bend over and haul it up to to the hob - it's really heavy - so a wall oven is definitely going in the new place!

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