Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Making stairs multi-tasking

I can't remember where I found this photo but it's such a clever idea. If we were going to have exposed wooden stairs I'd really push for this, even if the last two or three stairs were drawers they'd hold enough shoes, toys, magazines or general debris to reduce clutter.

One of hubby's obsessions is tidying the house before our cleaner arrives, which happens twice a week. This always causes stress for both of us - he gets upset at having to re-pack the water bottles, prams and piles of shoes under our stairs while I get upset getting harassed to "clear surfaces". I'm sure the cleaner's used to dealing with piles of miscellaneous rubbish in people's homes, but if we had more incidental storage it would make life so much easier.


Roger said...

Hi, I found your idea is really inspiring. I never thought before that stairs can be very useful like that. It will safe the expenses and time for tidying up the room when we greet such 'unexpected guests' :D
The more important thing is, this multipurpose stairs will be great to enhance spacious area in almost houses :)

Margaret said...

I like to use stairs with hidden drawer. We can use the multi-function ladder. With this we can save space to store other items. We can store shoes and other items in the drawer of this ladder.