Monday, 3 March 2008

Tasty bathroom

beautiful bathroom

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As mentioned the new bathroom will be about 2/3rds the size of our current one, and we're addressing the lack of natural light with the addition of a Velux window (probably one that opens with a remote control).

This is a photo of a similarly sized bathroom which I really like. The small dark tiles look like they'd wear better than our current big, square, white ones - which weren't sealed properly so the grout always looks like it needs a good scrub. I'm a fan of natural wood too, and the plan is for the architect to design something bespoke to house the pipes and towels.

We had a meeting on Friday morning and discussed bathroom options, instead of a steel bath (which isn't very sensible as it doesn't hold heat) he advised us to go for a Villeroy and Boch Quaryl thing, which retails for about £500 + VAT. Ouch.

Another suggestion he had was to avoid visual clutter by filling the bath using the overflow and a bath filler. This means there'll be no taps in the way when you have a bath too, brilliant.

I really wanted a dual shower head option - one fixed to the ceiling, with another hand held for hosing down surfaces but apparently having a triple mixer (shower head, hand held shower, bath filler) plus a thermostat is a really expensive unit, so I've been talked into just having the hand held... good job I have this blog so I can keep a tally on the compromises!


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