Monday, 24 March 2008

Imaging the extension, part 2

Img from The Guardian Weekend magazine

I never read anything about gardens, and find it really hard to get excited about anything to do with outdoor space. Friends who've acquired a garden wax lyrical about the soothing properties of ripping out weeds and planting herbacious borders, and while I can appreciate that this might be more fun than falling over drunk on occasion, it doesn't really float my boat. Yet.

Having said that, this weekend I spotted this image which shows a wooden floor, leading to a wooden deck, which leads to a similarly sized garden to the one we'll end up with. And again, dark bi-fold doors. And I must admit I was quite excited by the thought of having an outdoor space to create. I've heard landscape gardeners don't come cheap so the garden will definitely be the last thing we tackle. But I'm going to keep an eye out for interesting ways to use the space which will answer all our requirements (herbs and fragrant jasmine for me, grass for the kids and low maintenance everything for the hubby).

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