Thursday, 13 March 2008

Designing a beautiful bathroom

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This is why you use an architect. They just think of the most useful ways to incorporate whatever it is you need into a visually satisfactory result. As previously mentioned our bathroom is going to be relatively teensy and we need storage for towels, maybe a laundry hamper for dirty clothes and room for all our unctions, cosmetics and First Aid items. Anthony is keen to build a unit along a wall which houses pipes, a cistern and storage similar to the one shown here - ie: a wall hung loo (which makes the room seem less claustrophobic as you can see more of the floor, also better for hygiene as easier to clean underneath) and a plinth or long cabinet which can host a basin. Along the wall he's drawn in large mirrors, but after a visit to The Bathstore I'm wondering if we can use four mirrored front steel cabinets (£79 each) as this would have the same effect but provide valuable shelf space.

Refer earlier posts on the kind of look we're going for in the bathroom (small tiles, probably square or rectangle mosaics, in a dark colour, with larger tiles on the floor, masses of overhead light etc).

Currently we've got a massive fixtures and fittings list to fill in which means more visits to home related stores this weekend, a structural engineer to engage so we can order up a steel beam to support the house when the extension goes in and any day now we should get a full outline of the building works which needs to go out to tender. If anyone has any personal recommendations for a particularly good builder who can work in East London, please let me know.

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