Monday, 3 March 2008

Kitchen inspiration and fridges


This is the sort of aesthetic I like for a kitchen - lots of white, wood and slate. My current kitchen is lots of wood and white tiles. I still love the wood but I really hate those tiles. It doesn't help that they don't sit completely flush thanks to our flakey builder.

When we stayed in Florida two weeks ago we agreed that the American style fridge (ie side by side, with ice and chilled water on tap) made perfect sense. It was also ecologically better than drinking water from bottles (as we do now) because a litre of water is used to manufacture the plastic bottle, such a waste. We agreed that if the water was filtered and chilled we'd drink it, so goodbye to the piles of bottles we need to recycle each week.

People have been asking if we're living in the new place yet. The answer is a firm no. There is so much building work to be done that it's just impractical with two small children. We'll be paying two mortgages (arrgghh!) for the immediate future. Hopefully no more than three or four months, but we know that the glazing can't be ordered until the extension is nearly finished, and once we order it there's a 9-12 week delay. So I guess it could take longer than four months all up. Once we're ready to move we need to repaint our flat and get it ready to rent out. I'll keep you posted, literally.

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