Monday, 29 September 2008

Back yard view

Oops, should've posted this before now as it shows the view from the top before the walls started to get built. The three rows of wooden supports should be four - Rob told the builder the deck should be three metres deep, going against the architect's drawings, but we really need it to be four metres after all so that it can house a dining table and chairs, without anyone falling off into the grass. This means the builders have to make some more holes, pop in some support poles and concrete them in. The bottom of the garden is full of overgrown shrubs and miscellaneous debris. I imagine we'll pull the whole lot out and plant something quick growing to create a bit of privacy, some bamboo probably. Neither Rob nor I are keen gardeners and we know next to nothing about growing stuff outside. In an ideal world we'd get in a landscape gardener but for now, we'll live with a bit of scrubby lawn and some bamboo...

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