Saturday, 6 September 2008

Holding things up

I do love a double entendre, and what better than this photo of the metal pole which is holding up our "support" beam until the engineers solution is implemented. Of course, this fix is also holding things up by a couple of weeks, incase you needed the double entendre spelt out.

Teia suggested getting a second engineer's opinion as the fix we were going to go with was going to be extremely slow and expensive. The new engineer has suggested running a steel across the width of the house, which anchors in the party wall on one side and (somehow) to the external wall, on the other. This will be just as secure/safe/stable as a beam running the entire length of the house, and then we can attach the end of the lonesome hanging beam to this new cross-support. We should have an updated quote in the next few days.

Was quite keen to see this concrete worktop today but the house owners didn't get back to Teia so instead of our original Saturday plan which involved trekking all over London for house related jobs, I ended up at the pub - not just any pub, but what will be the nearest gastropub to our new house in a wee while. It felt good, especially running into a friend who I hadn't seen in ages, London's sometimes good at making you think you live in a village.

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