Monday, 15 September 2008

Kitchen taking shape

I haven't actually set foot in the property for two weeks. I was planning on going over yesterday, but with the late summer in full swing it was far more appealing to sit in Victoria Park scoffing fish 'n' chips, and then go exploring. We found a terrific refurbished pub with a beer garden the size of a small nation so it was a successful mission. Funnily enough, I ran into Anthony-the-Architect in the park, and he said the workmanship was superb so far, particularly the plastering in the new third bedroom.

This photo, taken two weeks ago, shows the shape of the kitchen coming together - the new wall is halfway down the garage, which is now effectively a store and utility room. The gap in the wall shows a "step" which will allow a deep American style fridge to sit flush with the cabinets. The grey soil pipe you can see is from the top floor's bathroom. It's kind of weird to think that every time someone flushes the loo, the contents will be travelling through the kitchen cabinets in a pipe. I know this is normal, but it still strikes me as kind of... icky.

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