Thursday, 18 September 2008

Stair progress, concrete and security

I posted about my favourite renovation blogs a while back and this is an update to let you know that the NY food writer's kitchen is finally finished (yes, that's it in the photo). I must admit, after five months of this renovation I was a little underwhelmed by the results. My own renovation project will come in at much less than five months from start to finish, and we're doing two entire floors of a house and the equivalent of four rooms and some hallways. Perhaps the photo doesn't do it justice but still.

I'm told our house has had the wall on the side of the stairs built as discussed and the kitchen cabinets have been installed (though some of the drawer fronts are upside down because Ikea had drilled the holes in the wrong place… it's being sorted as I type). More exciting than that is the concrete for the extension has been poured and tomorrow a bricklayer arrives to start building up the side of the new walls. Once that's done we can have the surveyor from the glass company come over and measure up to get our new doors and glass roof manufactured. It's a 9 to 12 week wait once the order's been placed, so this is sort of the time frame I'm thinking of when it comes time to move. We may move in before the glass gets fitted just to try and reduce our outgoings though, urgh.

On our shopping list is a security system - wireless ones seem to cost around £250 and hard wired ones up to double that. Still waiting for more quotes to come in. Does anyone have a burglar alarm? Do they really need to be monitored?

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